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Dr. Jim Canning, Ph.D.,Head Coach

Striving through projects and  individual assignments to achieve a high degree of scholarship in preparation for good citizenship and leadership in society.
(adapted from Independent School League principles)
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Current Student Members
Heather Byrne
Computer Science
Green Belt
Katlyn Deluca
Mathematics and Computer Science
White Belt
Jeffrey Kereakoglow
MIS with a Computer Science Minor
White Belt
Christopher Johnson
Computer Science
White Belt
John Fertitta
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
White Belt

Step 1: Complete the first 25 tasks.

Step 2: Complete the next 25 tasks.

Step 3: Implement all programs described within Chapters 4-8 of Esakov and Weiss's Data Structures, An Advanced Approach Using C.

Step 4: Implement the following problems in C using GTK 2.0 to build an event-driven GUI program:

       Wallpaper as described in Chapter 1 of the New Turing Omnibus
       Mandlebrot Set as described in the New Turing Omnibus
       Game of Life as described in the New Turing Omnibus
       Convex Hull using the Graham Scan Method
       String Matching - Naive implementation, Knuth-Morris-Pratt Implementation, and the Boyer Moore Implementation.
       One Dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform - The order n-squared implementation.
       One Dimensional Discrete Fourier Transform - The recursive order n log n version.
Step 5: Enter the 10 chapters of the Little Schemer into Dr. Scheme.

Step 6: Work yourself completely through No Fear Grammar.